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    The Process


    This is an opportunity for you to share the details of your situation and ask questions. As part of this discussion we will try to gain a detailed understanding of your finances…


    we will request and review the necessary information including income documentation, bank statements, other income and expenses as well as the status of your loan…


    to assure that it presents the most advantageous story to your lender. Once a submission is made to the lender, we follow up aggressively on a regular basis…


    The lender will make a modification offer. We go through offers made to assure that the lender has made the offer based on the correct information and guidelines…

    How can I get out from under the debts on my home? Is Short Sale the answer?

    If the market value of your home is less than what you owe on your current mortgage, you may qualify for a legal, lender approved solution known as a Short Sale. A Short Sale can be accomplished by negotiating with your bank or lending institution to accept a sale of your property to a third party buyer for less than what you currently owe on your mortgage balance.

    Win #1: You win by getting out of a financial predicament a clean transaction and a salvaged credit score. Your property is saved from foreclosure, thus helping you to save your credit rating. Allowing you home to proceed into foreclosure may adversely affect your credit.

    Win #2: The lender wins by avoiding timely and costly foreclosure proceedings which could lead to an even more costly expense of ownership of the real estate by the by the bank.

    Win #3: The buyer of your property wins by getting a solid property at a good market value. Call us today for a free confidential analysis,

    Loan Modification Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is a Loan Modification?

    A: A Loan Modification is when the bank allows a change in the terms of your existing mortgage. The purpose of a loan modification is to help a homeowner who is struggling to be able to afford their mortgage. The most common changes to the terms are reduction of interest rate and monthly payment, extension of the term of the loan, recapitalization of past due amounts, late fees waived and in some cases principal deferral or forgiveness.

    Q: What if my credit is bad?

    A: A Loan Modification is not based on credit. The banks are trying to make a good loan out of a troubled loan.

    Q: What if I have no equity or I am upside on my home?

    A: It does not matter! Some banks are doing principal deferrals/reductions, which could mean the bank will discount the total loan amount to the current value of your home or close.

    Q: What if my income is too low?

    A: You will need to show the bank that you and all others in your household together can afford a new payment. This is done within the Pre-Qualification step when you start the process

    Q: How much can I save by doing a loan modification?

    A: You can save hundreds a month, depending on your loan amount. Remember, a loan is typically for 30 years. So the Loan Modification that saves you $500 a month really equals $150,000 over the life of the loan.
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